Familiarise yourself with the resources available in the GS1 global brand web guidelines

The resources below provide a helpful overview of key things to know:

Website review checklist


The resources below can help you think beyond the design aspects covered in these web guidelines to improve user experience (UX) and website performance:

Six steps to a better website

SEO best practices

Familiarise yourself with the styles and components

The sample pages are a great place to see an overview of how the styles and components can be combined to create different types of pages.

Read the Website review checklist mentioned above.

Review the components to understand what building blocks area available. Some of the information in this section is technical, but there is also useful information for anyone involved with the website to know.

Consult with your technology/development team to create an implementation plan

All websites are set up differently and there is no universal approach for how GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) should adopt the web guidelines. When creating an implementation plan with your technology team, you may consider the points below a starting point to that conversation: