The Website review checklist is designed to help GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) stay in line with the global brand so we can we have the same visual identity across the world.

The checklist is broken into sections, each with branding standards for you to evaluate against your website and links to more information.

1. One organisation, one brand

The website is working towards adoption of the GS1 global brand web guidelines across its public-facing website so that all GS1 websites will have a consistent visual appearance.

If your MO feels that it needs additional components to deliver public-facing content to its users please contact the GS1 global office.

2. Top of homepage

Home page examples

The top of the website's homepage follows the guidelines for basic structure to ensure minimum brand consistency across all GS1 websites.

The main content area below the feature banner is highly flexible and can include any kind of content your MO desires as long as it is presented using components from the web guidelines.

3. Typography