Answers to common questions

What are the GS1 global brand web guidelines?

The GS1 global brand web guidelines are an online style guide that defines the visual appearance and interactivity of all user interface (UI) elements needed to create GS1 websites, as well as resources and information to help facilitate implementation.

What are the benefits of the web guidelines?

There are significant benefits both to individual GS1 Member Organisations (MOs) and to GS1 as a global organisation, including:

How do I get started with the web guidelines?

Please refer to the "How to use" section for information on how to get started depending on your role as a marketer, a designer or a developer.

Do the web guidelines mandate or recommend site structure or content?

No. The web guidelines simply provide extensive style guidelines for all the elements that you may want to include. However, all the actual content, as well as the strategy regarding what to include on your site, the site map, your information architecture, etc. will be determined by each MO based on their own needs. The only content that will be required to be consistent across sites will be the logo and tagline (The Global Language of Business).

Will the web guidelines include templates for individual pages?

No. However, the web guidelines do include:

What guidance will there be for the design of the homepages?

The top of all homepages will follow the same basic structure so that we can continue to ensure minimum brand consistency across all GS1 websites.