Find everything you need to create page designs in the GS1 web design system.

First steps

Familiarise yourself with the visual styles

Resources you may find most helpful:

Colour palette


Grid and spacing

UI icons

Familiarise yourself with the components

The components section has detailed information on each component in the design system, including usage guidance, best practices, colour variations and visual examples.

You can also review the full library, which has developer specs and more detailed information on interaction and sizing.

Design resource files

We've provided a design kit in Sketch and Adobe XD. Both come with GS1 colours, type styles, icons, spacing and components so you can design web experiences for your Member Organisation (MO) without creating everything yourself.

Using Sketch? Add the library.

The Sketch library contains colours, type styles, spacers and symbols of all components.

View the Sketch library →

View the icon library →

Using Adobe XD? Download the file.