UI icons are visual symbols used as part of the user interface to represent ideas, objects or actions. They communicate messages at a glance, afford interactivity and draw attention to important information.

The GS1 global web guidelines use the open source Bootstrap icons. This collection currently has over 1,000 icons, is frequently expanded and can be used on any website regardless of the technology the site uses.

View and download the icon collection

Bootstrap Icons

Development implementation

View Bootstrap's documentation on how to install and use their icon set.

Design implementation

The design resource files contain a frequently used subset of the Bootstrap icons in GS1 Blue for ease of use during the design process. We encourage Member Organisation (MO) web designers to make a local copy of the library and add any other icons they need as necessary.

When coordinating with developers, they should download any icons used in the UI from Bootstrap's collection rather than exporting from a design file.