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GS1 brand colours

The GS1 brand colours will continue to be the most prominent colours on GS1 websites. All brand colours meet accessibility requirements with large text: some with white text and some with GS1 Blue text.


Accessible colours

The web design system introduces alternate shades of all GS1 brand colours that meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards for text at any size when paired with white or UI 1 (light blue). While all large background areas must continue to use only GS1 brand colours, white, or light blue, text and small background areas (such as in buttons and badges) can use colours from the accessible palette to ensure proper colour contrast.


User interface colours

The web design system has several user interface colours that each perform a very specific role and should only be used for that role. These roles include backgrounds, borders, rules, interactive states and different hierarchies of text.

Additionally, a "danger red" has been established to convey error messages, destructive user actions or any type of negative status. This red is not a brand colour and should only be used for its specified purpose.