What are the GS1 global brand web guidelines?

The GS1 global brand web guidelines are an online style guide that define the visual appearance and interactivity of all user interface (UI) elements needed to create GS1 websites, as well as resources and information to help facilitate implementation.

The web guidelines include:

  1. A component design library with specifications of distinct UI elements (such as buttons, cards, tables) that serve as the building blocks of any web page.
  2. **A ready-to-use CSS file** in css/styles.css which contains core-branding type, spacing and colour styles.
  3. Sample pages that showcase how components can be combined to achieve different results.
  4. Design resource files that make it easy for designers to mock up pages using the correct styles and components.

The web guidelines do not include:

  1. All the code necessary to build a GS1 website. Each GS1 Member Organisation (MO) is responsible for developing the code for its own website.
  2. Page templates that define which components and types of content should be used on specific pages.

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