These guidelines provide guidance and specifications for the modules that can be combined to create single-topic or multiple-topic (e-newsletter) email layouts. There are also four sample layouts to illustrate a few possible ways the modules can be combined.

These modules are simple and versatile, and they should be able to be implemented in any email platform.

Sample email layouts

These sample email layouts showcase the design of the email modules and some possible ways to combine them within an email. They do not show all possibilities of how the modules can be used within an email—only some possibilities are illustrated.

Inspect the sample email layouts on Sketch Cloud →

Cross-industry example A

Modules contained in this example:


Cross-industry example B

Modules contained in this example:


Industry example

Modules contained in this example:


Rich text example

Modules contained in this example:



Because Gotham ScreenSmart is not a system font, emails should use Verdana.


Emails should have a background of —-gs1-color-ui-1, with a centered container with a maximum width (recommended maximum width is 600px). Outside the container is a link to view the email in the browser, while the container has the header, email body and footer.